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We are reclaiming journalism as profession and are creating a new business model for media companies that want to place their readers at the center. Our digital magazine Republik (in German) was launched in January 2018. Republik is reader owned and ad free.

We are an open-source cooperative, and we share our knowledge, software and business insights with others who also want to create journalism projects that reinforce democracy.

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Without journalism, no democracy.
And without democracy, freedom disappears. If journalism dies, it is the end of an open society, of freedom of expression, of the right to choose between competing arguments. Freedom of the press was a battle cry of the liberal revolution — and it is the first victim of every dictatorship. Journalism was born out of the Enlightenment. Its purpose is to criticize the powers that be. That is why journalism is more than just a business to be run by corporate executives. Journalism is responsible only to the public — for in a democracy it is the same as in all of life: making sound decisions depends on getting sound information. Good journalism sends out teams to explore reality. The mission of journalists is to bring back the facts and context that citizens in a democracy need — and to report them as they are, independently, conscientiously and fearing no one but boredom. Journalism seeks clarity, waging a constant battle against the primordial fear of the new. Good journalism needs passion, skill and commitment. And it needs a thoughtful, curious and fearless public. You!

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Simon Froehling, Anna Wendel, Hal Wyner, Rafaël Newman


Our crowdfunding video with English subtitles tells you why it is time for a new model in journalism.

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